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Moodboard: Milo Greene

On the back of their hugely acclaimed, self-titled debut album, which dropped earlier this year on the legendary Fierce Panda, we asked indie-rock quintet Milo Greene to put together a moodboard of the things that inspire them; whether that be The Doobie Brothers, Lucky Charms or Will



BOTW Interview: Hey Sholay

Alex Cull talks to Hey Sholay about their album and bonkers merchandise.

Tell us a little bit about ((o)).
It’s brief introduction into the first couple of years of the band’s musical pickings. It all changes pretty quickly, but we thought that these songs would fit together pretty nicely. Expect …


hey sholay

Introducing Our BOTW: Hey Sholay

Hey Sholay have been one of the best indie pop bands to emerge recent years, AFTER the chart-busting indie pop trend. We like to think that they’re carrying the torch in the intermittent stage before The Masses start loving guitar music again because IT ISN’T DEAD!!!

Seeing as it’s nearing …