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Preview: UK Film Festival 2013

Opening its door for the third year on November 11th, the UK Film festival will celebrate filmmaking talent from around the world. The festival offers awards for Best Short Film, Best Feature Film, Best Documentary, Best Animation, Best Music Video, Best British Short Film and Best Student Film as well …



News: Cannes 2013 Lineup Announced

Here at Notion, we love a good movie, so the announcement of the Cannes line up was all kinds of exciting. In celebration of this, here’s a cut out and keep (or whatever the online equivalent is… print and keep?) guide to the biggest films competing for the top prize, …



News: Virgin Media Short Film Festival

Short film competitions are pretty cool at the best of times, giving aspiring filmmakers a platform upon which to show off their work to people who are not only interested, but also people who can help kick start a career.

Virgin Media Shorts is one such festival, only there’s one …



LOCO London’s 2nd Year of Comedy

LOCO London is, for the second time, showcasing several comedy films for our enjoyment at the always lovely BFI Southbank and two new venues: the Hackney Picturehouse and Lexi Cinema.  From January 24th to the 27th, LOCO will showcase a handful of comedies, some more indie-minded and some featuring big …



LFF Review: Simon Killer

Antonio Campos’ second film, Simon Killer, is a electric examination of insanity – or at least peripheral insanity of an apparently sane man. Something like that, anyway. Simon, a recent college graduate specialising in the link between the eye and the brain (this is mentioned a lot), flees to Paris …



LFF Review: You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

At this point in his illustrious career, you can forgive Alain Resnais for being indulgent. I mean, the guy’s been around the block a few times, after all. His latest film, the ironically titled You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet is undeniably indulgent, but the joie de vivre running through it …



LFF Review: After Lucia

Films about schools and students seem to be the latest trend to sweep independent cinema, with Afterschool, We Need To Talk About Kevin and Goodbye, First Love all making waves in the past few years. But none of these films come as close to greatness as Michel Franco’s Un Certain …



LFF Review: Beyond The Hills

Romanian director Cristian Mungiu won the Palme D’Or in 2007 with his previous (and second) film, the abortion drama 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days. Now, with his long-awaited follow-up, Beyond The Hills, Mungiu has not only surpassed the quality of his last film, but established himself as one …



LFF Review: Laurence Anyways

Laurence Anyways, the new film from prodigiously talented filmmaker Xavier Dolan is 160 minutes of pure emotion, telling of the resilience of love under the weight of the world. Heavy stuff, right? Well, yeah, Xavier Dolan isn’t exactly one for subtlety. The film follows the titular Laurence, a professor whose …



LFF Review: Reality

Matteo Garrone’s Reality, his follow up to mafia crime-drama Gomorrah, may be a far cry from the criminal violence of his earlier work in terms of content, but it retains the unflinching brutality that made him such a critical darling back in 2008, albeit in a very different way. Reality …