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Shoot: Touch of Music

Freedom of expression is a universal human right. These two East London guys, Jerome Thomas, a singer/songwriter, and Chr1s Love, a producer/DJ, have surely utilised this right very effectively! Applying it to their unique music and fashion style, they’ve basically created their own genre, dubbed FOE (Freedom of Expression/Fusion of …



Remix: FOE ‘A Handsome Stranger Called Death’

Not too long ago we were raving to you about FOE’s smooth, punk hit, ‘A Handsome Stranger Called Death’, and now we have more fun FOE news for you. Just released 30th April were two innovative takes the dark, yet catchy tune. Collaborating with Maria Minerva and Com Truise, FOE …



Exclusive Video: FOE – A Handsome Stranger Called Death

I come from a town called Fleet. You take junction 4a on the M3 to get there. Fleet also has a service station – that is literally, like, the only reason why you would know of this town. There is no other reason to have heard of it. Oh, actually, …


FOE press shot

Introducing FOE- Deep Water Heart Breaker

Suburban punkette FOE’s recent avant-garde and left-turn offerings have quickly earned her a reputation for confounding and excelling expectations. New single ‘Deep Water Heart Breaker’ - out on August 8th through independent label Stella Mortos who’ve teamed up with Vertigo Records for the release – very much continues …



From the Ether: Bronya’s Picks for Ether Festival

So it’s time to bid adieu to another fabulous intern, the lovely Bronya Francis. She’s worked tirelessly for Notion these past few weeks to bring you all sorts of things from updates at London Fashion Week to all the most exciting music news, reviews and cultural insights, from Cakes



Introducing: Entrepreneurs

By now you must know we are completely and utterly obsessed with FOE. And we’ve been keeping our eyes and ears on her producer, Entrepreneurs, over the past couple of months now. Having gained a niche devoted fanbase with his former band Elle Milano, it looks like you might well …



Review: FOE- Hot New Trash EP

“Keep your eyes on me,/I’ll dance for free”, FOE frontwoman Hannah Louise Clark sings, during the accordion-drenched introduction.  Her plummy intonations are pronounced and articulate and oh-so moreish, making you hang on to her every word.  FOE inspires intrigue; images of a girl donning wigs of different colours adorn her …



MPFree: FOE ‘Genie In A Coke Can’- Alec Empire Remix

FOE is a girl from Fleet who enjoys wearing a variety of brightly-coloured wigs.  I like FOE.  From since I can remember (and I have stayed in tune with this girl’s music for at least five years now), FOE, or Hannah Shark, or Hannah Clark, whatever you prefer to call …