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What Do I Wear to Bed? 12 Fragrances

The fragrance world is thought of as one of smoke and mirrors, the apogee of advertising and branding. Yet, though right now we’re at the point of maximum bombardment, we want to make the case that scent is not a seasonal afterthought: the artistry and magic of the perfume world


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Groomed: Superdry Fragrances

Now, it hasn’t really ever occurred to me before to go looking for fragrances on the high street. I’m not a fragrance snob, OK, maybe a little, but you just never associate fragrances with high street brands. But this is something that’s changing, more and more high street brands are …



BEAUTIFY: In the Issue

Have you seen the skincare, haircare and fragrance specials in the new issue of Notion Magazine?

If not, here’s a sneak peek- but you’ll have to grab a copy of the mag to see the rest!

Emma Hoareau



BEAUTIFY: Aqua Vitae

When you get talked through a new perfume by the creator, and when that same person has created some of the most iconic scents for Acqua di Parma, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Kenzo and Versace- you better well listen up. Not that there’s any chance of you falling of the …



BEAUTIFY: A new Diptyque!



A new launch from Diptyque is upon us… (drum rolls please)


Yes, I’m a little obsessed what some would say are too-expensive candles. But you know what? I don’t care- they make me happy. So happy that I made a GIF to show my excitement.…



BEAUTIFY: Aqua Allegoria

Things that are gold and pretty are easy to love. It’s even better when they’re pretty and great. Like ay good personality, a good perfume needs a good starting point. Neroli is my favourite starting point to any scent- that bitter yet sweet smell of orange mixed with blossom is …



BEAUTIFY: Commes Des Garcons’ Blue Invasion

It shouldn’t smell good. But it does. Scratch that- it smells amazing. One of the three new Blue fragrances from Commes Des Garcons, Cedrat, is a mix of cedarwood, metallic rose and bitter quinine accord. Zesty, punchy and strangely extremely wearable- this eau de parfum easily falls in our Top



BEAUTIFY: Hell-Eau Balmain

Another day, another way to fit a beauty products name into a greeting. Continuing today with the second of our top 10 summer scents.

Following on from the much coveted Ivoire comes the new scent from Balmain- Eau D’Ivoire. With some added Miami water, you could say. Inspired by the …



BEAUTIFY: Hi there Honey

Here at Notion we’re suckers for a good fragrance- you should see our stash. But it’s not often we come across a scent we want to wear again, again and again. That’s why we’ve narrowed down our 10 favourite summer fragrances- and we’ll release one each day for the next …



BEAUTIFY: Fleur de Figuier

As you will have seen in Notion 63 (out last week- go and get it!) scent in a powerful trigger of memory. And what could be the best place to be transported back to? South of France in certainly top of my list- the pine trees, the sea breeze, the …