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Preview: Ibiza Rocks the Snow 2013/14

As the nights start to draw in and the days only get damper, we here at Notion HQ once again find our thoughts lingering on an escape from the day-to-day drudgery of life in the British drizzle. No, we’re not planning an escape to a Caribbean beach or the Riviera,



Stream: Frederic Mercier – ‘Spirit’

At the beginning of this week, as at the beginning of most weeks, a torrent of records flood from the postbags at Notion and are distributed among the team. We get everything from hardcore post-rock to flyweight folk; the mainest of mainstream rubbish to the obscurest Hungarian reissues. It is …



Album Review: Lou Doillon – Places

French singer-songwriter Lou Doillon is the daughter of British singer Jane Birkin, having won the genetic lottery (that jaw line…wow), it seems Doillon has now decided to turn her hand to music. Already a model for the likes of Givenchy and GAP – and an accomplished actress – let’s …



News: Kavinsky drops new vid + debut album in February

On the back of a series of EPs that have seen him rise to the top of the French electro game, Parisian producer Kavinsky – aka Vincent Belorgey – has set a February 25th release date for his long-awaited debut album, Outrun.

It’s a rather tantalising prospect for anyone …



The BRITS Winter Festival

So, you’re a fan of winter sports.  Skiing, snowboarding, what-have-you, it’s an admittedly fantastic season.

But you’re also a fan of live music, partying, and, if I may make a reasonable assumption, France.  Right?

BRITS is combining all these winter favorites for another one of their famous week-long parties from …



Indie Pop Duo Singtank Show Notion Around Paris

Singtank recently released their debut album In Wonder, an impressive piece of work not just for a debut but for an indie pop album in general.  The tracks harken back to those great indie sounds of the 80s and 90s, to groups like the Pixies and the Cure.  To …


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Beautify: French Pharmacies

On a recent trip to Paris, I realised just why I loved the city so much. It wasn’t the beautiful buildings, the chicly dressed people, nor the perfectly lit walk in the Tuileries I took on a daily basis. It was the pharmacies. This may strike you as strange, but …



Interview: Aigle’s Gideon Day

France’s premier wellington boot manufacturer, Aigle, have been producing quality wellingtons for the past 160 years. After visiting their factory and discovering the craft and dedication that goes into their products first hand, Warren Beckett caught up with the brand’s Creative Director, Gideon Day, to talk business, history and brining …



Get your JOB of a lifetime here boys and girls with a holiday thrown in as well!

Keen eye for exquisite watches? Enjoy travelling and munching on frogs legs? Great at writing? Well this might just be the thing for you then! Luxury watch brand Maurice Lacroix are launching a competition to hire writers that will travel with them on their Guinness World Record endeavour. They need …



Twins For Peace – Footwear With A Purpose

There was once a period when ethical fashion rarely struck us between the eyes with desire and when it occasionally did, the highly covetable pieces were highly overpriced. Thankfully those are times of yore with the likes of Esprit, Christopher Raeburn and Ada Zanditon, to name but a …