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News: Frank Ocean x Mick Jones x Paul Simonon x Diplo

Converse‘s ‘Three Artists. One Song‘ series continues. Following the release of ‘DoYaThing’ with Andre 3000, James Murphy and Gorillaz as well as ‘Worrier by Mark Foster, Kimbra and A-trak, the new track raises the bar even higher. ‘Hero’ brings together four of music’s biggest names, Mick Jones …



Introducing: Barnaby.

As the year draws to a close, all eyes turn towards the artists who are predicted to make it big in the new year. Southampton-based vocalist and producer Barnaby Atherton, aka Barnaby. (punctuation is important guys), is one of those ‘artists to watch’ in 2014.

Back in July, he caught



Introducing: Indiana

Earlier this summer, we here at PlanetNotion found ourselves transfixed by ‘Smoking Gun‘, the most recent single from Nottingham-based vocalist and songwriter, Indiana. Built from the ground up, the track’s spidery guitar lines and static beats were the perfect grounding for the young singer’s meandering, softly spun



Live Review: Wireless 2013 – Friday

Since its inception in 2005, there haven’t been many festivals that have been able to compete with – the newly Yahoo! sponsored – Wireless. From its first outing eight years ago now, which featured a lofty cast of headliners including New Order, Basement Jaxx and Kasabian, it’s …


Frank Ocean

Live Review: Frank Ocean, Brixton Academy, 10th July

Watching Frank Ocean live presents me with a problem; one that all music lovers will be familiar with. How will they make the record, that record that you’ve loved, that’s soundtracked your private moments of pain, your public moments of joy, your travels, your hangovers, your rain-sodden walks to work…how …



Video Playlist: Behind Jay-Z’s Magna Carta… Holy Grail

Haven’t heard Magna Carta… Holy Grail yet? Where have you been?! On his twelfth studio full-length, Jay-Z – who shall henceforth be referred to as Hova – once again brings to the table a lofty, star-studded affair that, if nothing else, perfectly encapsulates the headphone-blasting zeitgeist of our times. With …



Rascals Takeover Week: Mixtapes

This week on PlanetNotion, it’s Rascals takeover time. We interviewed the prodigal grime foursome – comprised of Big Shizz, Tempz, Merkz and Kay Willz (boy, that’s a lot of zeds) – for our latest issue, Notion 063, and now we’re allowing them the chance to shout about the things



Album Review: Rainbow Arabia – FM Sushi

Rainbow Arabia’s latest release is that rare case of an album’s title actually being in some way related to the music which is eponymises. FM Sushi is a) chock-full of FM-synths and b) like sushi, definitely not for everyone. It is however, brilliant. The mix of 1980s synth lines …



BOTW Review: The Flight – Hangman EP

It’s certainly been interesting to see how across the course of the last few years, as music has continued to be consumed in evermore bite-size portions – thanks in no small amount to the ongoing embracing of digital formats, rather than physical albums – concept records have seen a healthy …



Playlist: Jamie Lidell

Following on from the release of his eponymous sixth album, soulful electronic pioneer Jamie Lidell created a playlist of the tunes that inspired the record; one that Lidell described in a recent interview with Notion magazine as combining “the best of what I’ve done up to now. It has …