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News: Frank Ocean x Mick Jones x Paul Simonon x Diplo

Converse‘s ‘Three Artists. One Song‘ series continues. Following the release of ‘DoYaThing’ with Andre 3000, James Murphy and Gorillaz as well as ‘Worrier by Mark Foster, Kimbra and A-trak, the new track raises the bar even higher. ‘Hero’ brings together four of music’s biggest names, Mick Jones …


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News: Cleo Sol – ‘Borderline’

Splice together three legendary RnB tunes and chances are you’re gonna be left with something good. Ladbroke Grove newcomer Cleo Sol must have been inspired by the same reasoning when she made ‘Borderline’ – a fresh twist on Kendrick Lamar’s, ‘The Recipe’, The Fugees’, ‘Ready Or Not’ and …


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News: Swim Deep offer free piano version of ‘King City’

They say the best songs can withstand any change in arrangement and still hold their own. That rule is certainly true of Swim Deep‘s ‘King City’. The very track to have scored the band their Chess Club signing last year, it now comes to you in stripped back piano …


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Album Review: Guy Gerber – ‘Who’s Stalking Who’

Guy Gerber has never been one to opt for the conventional road, and it’s a facet of his personality that he explores further on his latest full-length, Who’s Stalking Who. For a start, there’s the fact that the album has been released for free via Gerber’s Soundcloud page and


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Introducing: FEMME

Introducing South London-based rising star FEMME (a.k.a. Laura Bettinson). Though not exactly a newcomer to the music scene, being one third of the band Ultraista, it seems FEMME’s solo career is just about to take off. She’s just signed a deal with Adidas NEO to provide the soundtrack for …



BOTW MPFree: Swiss Lips – In The Water

Swiss Lips seem to be doing the new electropop-anthem-flagbearing-band thing rather well; and if you’re not convinced, watch this video. Don’t they seem like a laugh? And oh so generous, we found, when they gave us a download of ‘In The Water’ to give away for free. Nice guys.…


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BOTW Review: Hey Sholay – ((o))

With their penchant for unpronounceable album titles, records pressed onto x-rays (yes, really) and 3D t-shirts, you could certainly be forgiven for thinking Sheffield’s Hey Sholay are all style and no substance. This assumption, however, belies one simple fact: their debut full-length ((o)) not only lives up to the heady …



BOTW Download: The Neighbourhood – Female Robbery

Yesterday we showed you the awesome video to ‘Female Robbery’ by our Band Of The Week, The Neighbourhood. Now, we have a free download of that exact track.

‘Female Robbery’ commences with, and is dotted throughout with, samples of muted cries. It retains The Neighbourhood’s revival of the five-piece …



Free Download: L.A. Salami – The Scene

There’s a helluva lot of music out there kids. And – controversial, perhaps – most of it is rubbish. And even much of the good stuff is easily dismissed in the relentless hunt for the newest, the biggest, the catchiest, the most over-the-top, the most controversial. It’s not easy being …



Go crazy to D’Steph’s free birthday mix download

If you’re searching for a playlist which will have you up on your feet and bouncing about all day, look no further: as a fun and generous way of celebrating her birthday, D’Steph has just released a completely free birthday mix download. We’re glad this piece of heaven has rolled …