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Rebecca Ferguson Performs At Shepherds Bush In London

Live Review: Rebecca Ferguson @ Shepherds Bush Empire, 16/03/14

I have a soft spot for Rebecca Ferguson. I supported her when she was on The X Factor, I devoured her debut album, Heaven and I’m still obsessed with her follow up, Freedom. She’s a unique one as her appeal crosses generations, the normal X Factor crash, bang …



Album Review: Rebecca Ferguson – Freedom

Rebecca Ferguson achieved a mean feat with her debut album. It was a collection so delightfully warm and open that it came as a shock. It felt like the arrival of a proper star, one who knew who they were as an artist and understood the nuisances of creating a …



Shoot: Out Of The Dark

Fusing disparate colours, textures, patterns and locations is never easy, but this epic shoot from supserstylist Namalee Bolle and photographer Kate Garner pushes the boundaries of all of those elements. The definition of striking, it’s an anathema to the usual swaddled-in-brown-fur ‘wrap up warm’ winter shoots that we’ve seen a



Amnesty International: TV Episode 2

Amnesty International’s TV channel, launched two weeks ago, has been widely applauded for its mix of satirical sketches which educate as well as entertain. (For more information, see our previous post.)

This weeks episode sees Vanessa Redgrave, Misery Bear and Cassetteboy explore the dark and dangerous world of torture. …



Amnesty International launches TV channel to celebrate it’s 50th Anniversary

Will you sign our birthday card, Ambassador?

To celebrate it’s 50th anniversary, Amnesty International UK launches it’s own TV Channel on it’s website and YouTube.

Tongue-in-cheek sketches full of irony make you laugh, but also make you realise how ridiculous some situations that the human rights organisations is trying to …