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Self-Referencing at the #LCM

The selfie: the ubiquitous, oppressive fact of our internet age. Only joking! When no one else is there to take your photo, or it’s too embarrassing to ask, just flip the lens around and pull your bestest, most sincerest face. Make sure you do this especially if you happen to



Can Someone Tell will.i.am it’s Not the Future

2014 has well and truly begun. The inundation of all things that scream NEW YEAR have completed their monotonous cycles; from the habitual moans of struggling through dry January to the final dissipation of Ones to Watch lists. And of course, the start of a new series of mainstream searching …


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Steps to Becoming a Bedroom Producer

The music world has, in recent times, experienced an extreme democratisation of its resources Because the Internet. Most—if not all—of the most prominent producers today hail from the bedroom—the place where some kind of magic always seems to happen. But these are just metaphors: a bedroom connected to the



Preview: SS14 Dream in Colour Collection by Textile Federation

Here at Notion, we have our proverbial hands on the pulse of forward thinking culture, music, and fashion. The SS14 Dream in Colour collection by Textile Federation is as forward thinking for fashion as flying cars are for the streets of London. This futuristic utopian inspired collection comes with a …



The Future has Arrived: Vinyl is 3D

Vinyl is 3D? No, that can’t be true. We don’t have the technology for this. BACARDÍ®’s Beginnings Music Project begs to differ. Teaming up with Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke and emerging artist Bobbie Gordon, to release an original the track, ‘Down Boy’, using 3D printing technology. It’s official we have …



Drake drops new track ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’

Grammy Award-winning multi-platinum hip-hop superstar Drake has premiered his new single ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ this week. Set for release on September 9th, the new track is an upbeat mix of RnB with Drake’s signature silky vocals and impressively catchy hooks. We think the tack is one of Drake’s …



Notion 063 Feature: Cover Star Ciara

She Got The Goodies

Global RnB titan Ciara is coming back for real, marching at the head of a One Woman Army and ready to reclaim her crown. She reveals to Kara Simsek why now is the time to get personal and spills the goss on Future.



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Tips For 2013 Advent #4: Kilo Kish

Kilo Kish (Lakisha Robinson) has been described mostly by critics as something similar to  future-RnB-slash-spacey-jazz-funk – these are the words that people on the internet tend to overuse when writing about the emerging artist.

What makes Kilo Kish different is that she doesn’t really rap – rather, her slack spoken …