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Hello Cheeky by Hattie Stewart

We love British illustrator, Hattie Stewart. We love her so much we collaborated with her on Notion issue 66 when we had superbabe Ariana Grande on the cover. A self-professed ‘professional doodler’, Stewart has collaborated with loads of other great people, too, including House of Holland, Marc by Marc …



Review: Way Out West

In my teenage years, I enjoyed visiting Denmark’s Roskilde Festival and Bestival on the Isle of Wight to see some of my favourite musicians, but I also viewed the trench-like conditions of both festivals as ‘character-building’ endurance tests. Therefore, when I discovered that some of the most interesting and diverse …



Festival review: Eastern Electrics

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Eastern Electrics, one of the foremost electronica festivals in the UK that has an ever-changing venue. Rocking up on Saturday morning, I was a mixture of excitement and anticipation. My first surprise of the day came with the ease of parking at the …


Donald Judd @ David Zwirner

A 2004 Tate Modern retrospective was the last significant exhibition of post-war American artist Donald Judd – but a gallery presentation has not been seen in London for nearly fifteen years.

Currently, however, the newly opened European branch of New York’s renowned David Zwirner galleries is currently exhibiting some of …



News: Cultural Programme @ Rosenfeld Porcini

Coming up this Friday night (May 24), Rosenfeld Porcini will be launching their much-anticipated Cultural Programme, with an exclusive performance from Belgian experimental sound artist Raymond Delepierre.

Founded in June 2011, Rosenfeld Porcini distinguishes itself from the surrounding galleries of London’s Fitzrovia by moulding a unique and dynamic identity. …



James Long in pictures

There is nothing quite like venturing into the secret world of a designer, and discovering the environment and bubbling atmosphere within which an entire collection of beautiful garments comes to life. As we were given a chance to meet the amazing James Long, snapping some shots of his studio was



Montreal and MUTEK in pictures

When PlanetNotion’s Editor Seb Law took a trip to Montreal to check out MUTEK, Canada’s first festival of electronic music, he didn’t just return with a review of the event – he also snapped a whole bundle of photos that we can only decribe as amazing. Each of these photos



Drift into the world of Sofie Olsen

Sofie Olsen is a remarkable young artist who photographs reality with an absolute passion, turning each captured moment and emotion into something soft and memorable. Here at Notion, we’re definitely fans of Olsen’s work – even through her black and white photographs, the Norwegian artist translates all of the richest …



New Artist: Harriet Horton

Taxidermy ain’t dead yet. Harriet Horton is a 25 year old tackling the macabre practice of posing, stuffing and idolising animals into artistry. After taking a course in taxidermy 2 years ago Harriet now uses the animals natural bodies alongside gold, crystals and unnatural colouring to create her rebirth works …



Album Review: Oliver Klein – Gallery

‘Floorfilller’, ‘bomb’, ‘weapon’…

Whenever I read these words on a promo, I’m always faintly disappointed when my skin doesn’t melt off my bones following detonation of said ‘bomb’. Except these aren’t the faux-hyped exclamations of a music PR, no. These are the words of German techno supremo Stephan Bodzin. Then …