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BOTW Moodboard: Mas Ysa

When it comes to the story behind Mas Ysa‘s Thomas Arsenault, the press have been quick to jump on the nomadic angle behind the songwriter and producer’s history, and in many ways you can’t blame them: the Woodstock-based musician grew up in Montreal, before spending his adolescence in Brazil



BOTW: Eaux’ Friday Mixtape

This week’s Band of the Week, the sublime indie outfit Eaux have been giving us an insight into their sound, and it’s now time to round off their week with a self-penned mix of their own tunes. Blending moody electronica with dark guitar hooks and angsty lyrics, Eaux are as …



BOTW Interview: Eaux

Alex Cull speaks to our Band Of The Week about their evolution from the Sian Alice Group to Eaux, their work so far, and the end of the world.

How important was the name as a titular umbrella for what you’re working on as Eaux?
Stephen: It felt important to …



Album Review: Islet – Illuminated People

Try hard tunes – a singer who can’t sing. Now mouthpieces incapable of ‘tuneful’ chattering don’t necessarily warrant DIY dentistry, yet here gums need to turn bleedingly bare so milk-teeth morals can get tweaked to avoid us, the great unwashed, anymore ear-ache. Scribbled DIY ethics aren’t really organic, or natural, …