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BEAUTIFY: Blemish be Gone

I don’t have perfect skin- I can admit that. I don’t have awful skin, but it’s not exactly the glowing air-brushed look you’d expect a beauty editor to have. Now you might think- but you have all the products to try; surely your skin is great? Think again. Using too …




Although I may be manically running after schedules, trying to sort out camera batteries and wondering what the f**k I might wear to the ever approaching LFW SS14 shows on Friday… No, I’m not talking about that ‘C’ word.

I am of course talking about Vitamin C. Duh. And actually- …



BEAUTIFY: Friday Loves

What are we loving at the end of this week (and hoping will see us through the weekend ahead…)?

Here’s what.

That’s right, there’s a drink that makes you beautiful. Well, it sure doesn’t make you ugly. With no sugar or preservatives and low levels of sodium, the new drinks



Joe Brummell #51: Structure

We get pretty excited when we discover a new hair care brand here at Notion. Nothing quite beats the potential promise of new gels, waxes, pastes and putties. We live for the thrill of finding a product that can transform your tired old hairstyle into something more dapper. Britain is …



Joe Brummell #49 – Ted Baker Grooming Rooms

Ted’s Grooming Rooms have been quietly popping up all over London for a while now. From Mayfair and Fitzrovia all the way to Holborn and Cheapside, the Ted Baker shopper can now get a full grooming service to complement their Ted Baker clothes. The Grooming Rooms are a modern take …



Joe Brummell #32– Hair Toppers

The exciting world of men’s hair doesn’t see many changes and trends, in fact post Mad Men there hasn’t been much happening at all, apart from the 50’s quiff. Thankfully there were a few stand out variations on the catwalks recently, so maybe things are changing. If you want new …