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Preview: A. Sauvage AW13

British designer, Adrien Victor Sauvage’s new AW13 Menswear collection sees him draw inspiration from artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Designed for House A. Sauvage – established in early 2010 – the new aspirational collection see’s Sauvage explore the concept of captains and natives, and draws upon 70s graffiti and pop art.

Continuing …



Moodboard: Fake Blood

To mark the release of his latest project, FABRICLIVE 69, DJ/musician/producer Fake Blood – AKA Theo Keating – tells us about a few of his favourite things.


Spray Paint:

The potential compressed within each can. The weight in your hand. The soft liquidy clunk of the ball-bearing in …



Hub: Challenge the Obvious

Dutch footwear brand HUB have joined forces with street artists Dre Urhahn and Jeroen Koolhaas, aka Haas & Hahn, for the first in a series of documentaries inspired by the company’s ‘Challenge the Obvious’ motto.

The 30-minute short film, which documents Urhahn and Koolhaas’ endeavours to utilise art as …


Maximillian Weidemann

Interview: Maximilian Wiedemann

PlanetNotion sits down for a chat with artist Maximilian Wiedemann about graffiti, fame and why Miami is the best place on Earth for street art.

Planet Notion: Where did you grow up?

Maximilian Wiedemann: I grew up in Düsseldorf, Germany

PN: What, or who, influenced you to pick up a



Watching Paint Dry #13 -Trip Back from deepest Narnia

“I was on my way back from deepest Narnia the other morning”

Hello you sunny bunch, sorry no speak for a while. I have been drinking strange brews from a polariscope glass in a galaxy far, far away. However I’m back now. Cosmic caravan has been parked up for now. …



Interview: ‘Stik’. The new era street artist

Here on Planet Notion we do love a good question and answer sesh with some of the most interesting and innovative names in the creative fields. Refreshingly stimulating stuff follows, with an interview with the mysteriously endearing street artist, who goes by the name of ‘Stik.’ Stik creates his work …



Hazy mornings, stencils and rollerdubs, the search for milk

“It’s a sunsnake! arrghh! let’s get out of here” (in a french accent) I heard this morning as someone shouted it outside my window. Notably at a ‘it’s too early for shit like that’ kinda volume. Especially for a Monday. God bless the ravers eh. Upon venturing for any milky …



Watching Paint Dry #11: Graffiti Comes In Many Forms

Eye eye campers, how the devil are you all? March is upon us out of nowhere.
Apologies for lack of transmission last week (if my memory serves, which it rarely does). I’ve been busy doing stuff to stay alive. We can’t all eat nothing and spend every other waking minute …



Watching Paint Dry #9: “To tag or not to tag”

Hey doodlers.

“To tag or not to tag, that is the question”

I trust you are all surviving this “cold snap” and ploughing on through this freezing February. Get your fingerless gloves on, get out there and write your name on something. But if you’re going to do that – …



Watching Paint Dry #1 – ‘Horror’

After the side of Maison Notion was tagged by a mysterious man painting the word ‘Horror’ all the way up our fire escape, we decided that we’d take direct action. Turns out one of our mates is an expert on graffiti, and lo – we done a commission. Over the