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Interview: Street artist Alexandre Farto aka VHils

Rounding up this weeks Street Art Special is our interview with Portuguese graffiti artist, Alexandre Farto- aka, VHills. After carving a face in the wall next to a Bansky piece at the Cans Festival, Alexandre’s popularity increased. Known for his statement images of faces (most of which are famous people) …


Mark Jenkins Street Art

Street Art: Interview with artist Mark Jenkins

Kicking off our Street Art special this week is an interview with American Street artist, Mark Jenkins. Instead of using the spray cans to create his art, Mark uses box sealing tape to produce installations which is exhibits all over the world. His work is both innovative and intriguing, and …



Spray it don’t say it: Welcome to Street Art

GRAFFITI, a.k.a ‘Graffito’ in the early days, was mainly known as a term used when working to scratch a design into surfaces (1950s onwards). The term ‘graffiti’ referred to etchings found on walls of ruins and sculptures, mainly in ancient Rome.

This first of the acknowledged “modern style” graffiti was …



Exhibition: Mixed Doubles at the Signal Gallery

Within the mile-radius of Notion HQ is a bloody awful lot of graffiti; not saying that’s a bad thing- they’re beautiful pieces of art which bring colour to an otherwise grey-scale city.  So we decided to give the occasional nod to street art, in homage to the plight and struggle



Giorgio Armani Sponsors Richard Hambleton’s London Exhibition

In a world obsessed with celebrity, decadence and above all, the pound sign, the figure of the incognito artist, inconspicuously marring the streets with their expression, whilst placing the upmost importance on disclosure of identity, is subversively novel, and kinda cool in a criminal-with-a-heart sort of way. The twenty first …