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Tirzah Press shot

Meet our BOTW: Tirzah

Under The Skin OST composer Mica(chu) Levi and her bffl Tirzah have been making beats since secondary school. It’s no surprise, then, how tight they sound on the latter’s brilliant ‘No Romance’ EP, released last week. Still very much a side-project for Tirzah (musicians do have day-jobs, you know), her


rooseveltelliot (1)

BOTW In Focus: Roosevelt

“The moments in music that you remember aren’t the bangers or the happy tunes; it’s the ones where there’s a sad or weird feeling.” In a recent interview with Cologne’s Marius Lauber, these were the words with which the German producer justified the melancholic veil hanging over much of his …



Independent Labels to Takeover Shoreditch’s Boxpark

Every week until 8th December, a different independent label will be taking over a space at Shoreditch’s Boxpark, with special events taking place.

It kicks off this week with Greco-Roman, who will be presenting a showcase on Thursday 17th October between 6-9pm at the space located at 2-4 Bethnal



New Track: letthemusicplay – ‘Our Town’ (Feat. Kate Tempest)

Elusive London production pair letthemusicplay are set to return next month with ‘Our Town‘: a buoyant slab of bubbly electro that features on-the-up vocalist Kate Tempest. Crackling with a fervent intensity, it sees Tempest tell a tale of cutting loose and shaking off the restraints of the …



Introducing: Tirzah

Dancefloor tracks are coming in thick and fast at the moment, but we are loving the sounds of Tirzah. Her EP ‘I’m Not Dancing’ is slated for release on August 5th through Greco-Roman records.

The EP has been produced by London-based Micachu, aka Mica Levi of the experimental pop band …



EP Review: Joe Goddard – ‘Taking Over’

Joe Goddard is a wizard. Well, he’s not, he’s just a music producer, but in my eyes he’s a wizard. His new EP Taking Over is a wondrous mix of piano-driven house and just damn good dance music. The former Hot Chipper is known for his uplifting and upbeat …


2 bears

Introducing Our BOTW: The 2 Bears

The 2 Bears are Joe Goddard and Raf Rundell. Goddard is also one fifth of Hot Chip and founder of dance label Greco-Roman; he met Raf working at the Soundsystem parties, and went on to pair their production to create an ursine-named act – they even dress up in …