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Live Review: Milton Jackson and Washerman

The usual, the usual…I wasn’t quite sure what could possibly be the usual here.  The last time I had visited the nondescript (at least from the outside) Hackney Wick warehouse it had been kitted out with a mini-ramp, make-shift half-pipe, several lasers and a fog machine.  This night’s particular fete …



Watching Paint Dry #11: Graffiti Comes In Many Forms

Eye eye campers, how the devil are you all? March is upon us out of nowhere.
Apologies for lack of transmission last week (if my memory serves, which it rarely does). I’ve been busy doing stuff to stay alive. We can’t all eat nothing and spend every other waking minute …



Watching Paint Dry #10: “Coke and the Beat Wall”

Hey ravers, sorry no speak last week. Busy, busy in the big city, bright lights and sleepless nights and all that. Wasn’t going to talk about this but with so much hype and misinformation online about what’s what, and as I have co-incidentally seen this one go down, I thought …



Watching Paint Dry #8: Burning The Olympic Wick

Hello campers.
Excuse the delay in this week’s column going up. My fault. I’ve been busy beavering away in Hackney Wick working. But something is afoot over there. Something I feel I must speak on.

Hackney Wick is a large industrial estate, which now also houses a ton of creative …



Preview: Return to the Future

On 16 December, a new night launches in the fabled warehouses of Hackney Wick called Return to the Future. It’s a new name, but the guys behind it have been organising events around LDN for years now, Will H being integrally involved in the development of some of the best …