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Joe Brummell #40 – Murdock

Murdock describe themselves as a male grooming specialist, which is funny because that’s pretty much how I describe myself. They’re also barbers however, and I am not – that’s why for an important occasion recently I decided to drop into my local branch to see what they could do with …


Mandatory Credit : Ed Reeve

Hair Today: Radio

I have a confession: I hate having my hair cut. There’s always a slightly odd silence as the hairdresser concentrates on getting my hair right, I can’t see anything as removing my glasses renders me practically blind and the inevitable disappointment when I put them back on and what was …



Full Interview: Vidal Sassoon

Seb Law met the legend of hairdressing that is Vidal Sassoon for lunch in Mayfair for a piece in Notion 053. At 83, he’s still full of life and full of fascinating stories. He’s led a fantastic life and for an hour, he waxes lyrical about hair, architecture, music, …



Introducing New Breed

It’s hard being creative.  Oh, it’s nice being artistic and all, but it’s also nice to make money.  Food and shelter, those are nice.  Unfortunately, obtaining them often means taking lame jobs and working in obscurity.  Having your creative genius squished from a fluffy pancake of possibilities into a stale …