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BOTW Moodboard: Tensnake

“Something for the weekend.” It’s a phrase as ubiquitous to dance music as “get down,” “four to the floor,” or “wow, look at my hands.” So, we’ll forgive you for doubting us when we say that Tensnake‘s forthcoming debut album, Glow (out March 9 on Virgin/EMI), is the perfect



Meet our BOTW: Tensnake

A short while into our transcontinental Skype chat, Marco Niemerski – better known by his production pseudonym, Tensnake – is left stumped. As a slew of background noise makes the moment’s silence all the more noticeable, he eventually confesses, “I have no fucking clue what the secret behind it is,


adidas Originals Hamburg - group

News: Adidas SS14 Hamburg Re-issue

We like shoes here. In fact, we like shoes very much. This is why we thought we’d let you know about the latest from adidas Originals. They’ve reissued their classic Hamburg shoe, which was first released in 1982. The shoe features the classic T-toe design and the unique outsole, but …



Review: Hundreds – Hundreds

On first listen Hundreds’ self-titled debut seems a little too tasteful. Sure it’s sophisticated, eminently listenable and elegant. However, it all sounds a little overly detached. It’s the type of melancholic electronica that can get a little lost as its gentle textures wash over you.

Yet after a few listens …



DJ Koze Talks Eastern Electrics

Beginning his exemplary career as the DJ for German hip-hop crew Fischmob in the mid ‘90s, Hamburg’s own DJ Koze shimmied towards dance and electronic music respectability like a cloaked and whipped wit-cracker, to escape the dormancy he perceived to be infecting his first love, hip-hop.

Both his work as