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BOTW Playlist: LAW

We’ve spent a lot of time this week talking about how ascendant Edinburgh songwriter Lauren Holt, aka LAW, has been revitalising pop, soul and hip-hop by deconstructing all three genres and reforming them into strange – and wonderful – new shapes. Her knack for doing so is hardly something



BOTW Review: LAW – Haters & Gangsters

Lauren Holt’s debut EP as LAW, Haters & Gangsters, doesn’t end with a bang. Rather, the seven-track suite’s closer ‘OG’ culminates in an extended coo, a final breath drawn from the Edinburgh songwriter. It’s a telling sign. Over the course of Haters & Gangsters’ 22-minute …



BOTW Video Premiere: LAW – ‘Haters’

“It’s just a business I’m new to/go ahead bring your crews too.” There couldn’t be a better kick-off than ‘Haters‘ for fast-rising soulstress Lauren Holt’s debut EP as LAW, Haters & Gangsters. Everything about the track feels like a call-to-arms, a hand planted firmly on the …



Meet our BOTW: LAW

There’s something truly enchanting about the way Edinburgh’s Lauren Holt operates as LAW. Within the rustling beats and intensely honest lyricisms of her debut EP, Haters and Gangsters, lies a songwriter not only at the top of her game, but unafraid to live in the now, documenting the