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The Hautelist #19: Peace Jewellery

Modest as we are here at The Hautelist HQ, we always secretly suspected that our influence on society ran both broad and deep.  However, two weeks ago when we claimed trainers were the Hautest item of the week, we never could have predicted that this was going to prompt waves …



The Hautelist #16: Hawaiian Shirts

For the past week we’ve found it hard to think of much else than tattooed men in Hawaiian shirts, so thought it only right to share this new found obsession/ perversion/ fantasy with you (admittedly primarily in the hope that we’ll convert more men to the cause and soon the …



The Hautelist #5: Scarves

With the weather refusing to brighten the hell up I’ve decided there’s only one thing for it – I just going to have to buy yet more winter accessories as I’m well and truly beyond over the ones I already own. Now thinking about it I’ve decided that a new …



The Hautelist #3: Menswear

Yesterday (Thursday) was PlanetNotion’s Editor’s birthday, so I thought it only right to dedicate this week’s Hautelist to him, or more specifically men’s fashion.  With the men’s shows currently taking place (Milan last week, Paris right now), there’s no shortage of material, and so I’ve spent the last couple of …


Stuart Weitzman leopard print wellies

The Hautelist #1: Wellington Boots

We’ve enlisted our roving reporter, Siam Goorwich (a former Grazia gal, darlings) for a weekly rundown of what’s haute in the world of fashion, and what’s decidedly naute, every Friday.

The worst of the weather may be behind us (not judging by today! – Ed), but on Thursday, as …