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Inky Fingers #5: Penguin

The ever knowledgeable Hayley Campbell reveals the secrets of those famous Orange covers.

Penguin aren’t the kind of unknown indie publisher you need some nerd on the internet to tell you about. They’re so far the opposite of that thing that your correspondent is almost certainly outside of her “can …



Inky Fingers #4: Gecko Press

The wonderful Hayley Campbell has been helping us rediscover the wondrous nature of books, real proper novels, autobiographies, fictional epics – those exploits that require just that little bit more attention and brain power than the usual drivel that gets read on your average commute, but are ultimately just so



Inky fingers #3: Melville House

Check out the third installment of Hayley’s column. Catch up on #1 and #2 which helped us to get more into books and uncovered some hidden literary gems

There’s a book I read because I adopted a fear from a Woody Allen movie. This is not a psychologically healthy …



Inky Fingers #2: bookartbookshop

Remember how we said back in December that we wanted to get more into books this year? Well here’s the second installment of Hayley’s column to get us in the mood…

There’s a shop in Hoxton that stocks almost nothing but tiny little small-press booklets by poets and short …



Inky Fingers #1: ELCAF

One of our New Year’s resolutions (yep, we’ve been thinking about them already) is to get a bit more into those books. You remember books, right? A bit like magazines, but with more words and less pics. And old too. And excellent for reading on the tube. They’re actually a