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LFW: 10 people we DON’T want to see

(featured image: Stefania Yarhi)

The irony of London Fashion Week is that whilst being witness to the most cutting edge fashion in the world, which will soon come to define what the aesthetics of the future will look like, you are also faced with extreme ugliness – a vile



Joe Brummell #4 – Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

Men don’t have the same range of fashion accessories that girls do. Wear too much jewellery and you’ll end up looking like Jimmy Saville or a championship darts player. Make-up is generally a no-no and all other accessories are limited to the basics–bags, watches,a casual hat, that’s kind of it. …


lily cole

Key Trends for Autumn/Winter #4: Leather

No longer merely the preferred attire of Hells Angels and punks hanging around Camden Town station, leather has been reborn as the rebellious yet glamorous choice of fabric for this season.

Earlier this year an army of designers hinted at a trend that would have journalists and buyers salivating and …