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Oliver Sweeney release their statement new range of shoes

Oliver Sweeney’s new range of trainer’s see them experiment with materials from different industries, in order to create styles that make strong, bold statements. Each style is always hand crafted with fine details and intricacy that Sweeney is renowned for.

The Fontes has a real street wear vibe. After …



Festival Report: Dimensions

Snap backs? everywhere. Hawaiian shirts (coupled with short-shorts)? Everywhere. Gimmicky tattoos and hi-fade haircuts? Everywhere. That’s right, the hipster Brits have landed, to leave their Dalston footprint all over Croatia’s face.

Billed as the younger, sexier and cheaper kid sister of Outlook, Dimensions Festival was new on the scene this …



Flourishing Fluro Neo At Its Finest

That tantalisingly menacing fashion giant ASOS has given us another reason to count down the days until sunlight survives past four o’clock in the afternoon and for when we can leave the house chapped-lips free wearing less than five layers of turtlenecks.

Their bolshie Neo Circuit collection, in all its …



It’s a-boot time…

Winter. That time of year is just around the corner, and our feet which are pretty much cold all the time are set to get even colder. But now, there’s a whole heritage-boot thing going on that you might’ve seen in the high street. The idea of channelling a North …



Missoni x Converse: A Trainer No-Brainer

On paper Missoni x Converse promised to be a collaboration of titanic proportions and the reality didn’t disappoint, with their initial Spring collection proving immensely popular. Luckily for us the stalwarts of design have reunited to bring us a second instalment this Autumn. Again, the offerings incorporate  the classic Missoni …