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Interview: Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs is the archetype for slow-burn success. It’s been ten years since the Indiana-born rapper released his debut mixtape ‘Full Metal Jacket’, and since then he’s been relentless, furnishing his fans with regular mixtapes and EPs.  Moving from Indiana to Los Angeles, Gibbs continued to put out vast quantities



Delving into Genres with the Google Music Timeline

As part of the step-by-step plan to Google’s world domination, the search engine-cum-multinational corporation has launched a new music service called Google Play. To give us a gentle nudge towards these new services, the techies over at Google HQ have disembarked their Wi-Fi buses and formulated a Music Timeline



Issue 66: Joey Bada$$ “Young American” Feature

Jo-Vaughn Scott, AKA Joey Bada$$, is in Brooklyn, on the phone to me. And it’s quite exciting. Hailed as one of New York’s brightest talents, the rapper found himself compared to Biggie and Nas before he’d even entered legal adulthood. Lesser artists may have crumbled under comparable pressure, but Joey



Introducing: Phlo Finister

It’s hard to believe that this LA-based bombshell, Phlo Finister, was prohibited from listening to R&B and hip-hop by parents in her early years, as it’s easy to hear urban influences through her breathy Jessie Ware-esque vocals, accompanied by some slow beefed-up beats. A musical influence in particular …



Odd Future iPhone Cases. Yes, really.

Have you ever felt your iPhone lacks a bit of streetwise, skate-rap edge? Well, to commemorate last month’s Odd Future carnival in L.A., the Californian hip-hop collective have unveiled a limited edition series of three snap cases for iPhone 4 and 4S in collaboration with Incase. If you’re an …



Solange plays at So Bones

After a few busy weeks of The Horrors, Jamie XX and Givers playing at The Shacklewell Arms; it announces that the hip-hop clubnight So Bones will return with Solange Knowles. (And yes, she’s Beyonce’s sister.)

So Bones began as a blog, made it’s way into a clubnight and it has …



DJ Koze Talks Eastern Electrics

Beginning his exemplary career as the DJ for German hip-hop crew Fischmob in the mid ‘90s, Hamburg’s own DJ Koze shimmied towards dance and electronic music respectability like a cloaked and whipped wit-cracker, to escape the dormancy he perceived to be infecting his first love, hip-hop.

Both his work as