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Interview: Mikill Pane

Mikill Pane‘s new track “Dirty Rider” has been building a lot of hype for his upcoming album Blame Miss Barclay. With the release of The Dirty Rider EP, Pane is getting bigger and bigger, on the brink of wide acclaim.  We recently caught up with him and …



Alex Mattsson and Zebra Katz Team Up

I think one of the greatest advancements in movie-making in recent years is the ever-increasing ability for people to make whatever they want with whomever they want.  You can be some guy off the street, a musician, a fashion designer, whatever, and you can make a movie.  Moreover, the musician …



New Track: Rudimental (feat. Angel Haze) – “Hell Could Freeze”

Hackney group Rudimental has a knack for electronica mixes, and they’ve just combined that with a taste for R&B and pulsating hip hop in their new track “Hell Could Freeze” with American rapper Angel Haze.

Rudimental’s main job, which they perform flawlessly here, is setting up the perfect backing …



Watch: Mikill Pane – Dirty Rider

Socially-conscious, solid lyrics or catchy-as-all-hell rhythm and flow?  A lot of the time, we have to pick one or the other for hip hop artists.  But if you’re in for a pleasant surprise, you should check out some of Mikill Pane‘s tracks.  He’s already released a couple EPs and …



Interview: John Tejada

With the release of his sophomore full-length The Predicting Machine for legendary German label Kompakt last month, we caught up with eminent Austrian producer John Tejada to chat about his formative years, mysterious future collaborations and his brief foray into West Coast hip-hop…

You come from a pretty musical family



Exclusive stream: Blänk’s brilliant new EP Áurinko Rising Again

We want you to chill on this cool, breezy Wednesday (or whatever day it is that you’re stumbling across this page), which is why we’re presenting you with an exclusive stream of Swedish group Blänk’s new EP, Áurinko Rising Again. Airy, light and dreamy, this 5-track EP is jam-packed …



Introducing: Tragik

Tragik is the latest Tumbr-famouz musician to cause a stir on the internet. I was introduced to her by another of my new favourite artists, Syron – and after doing some research, I’m in agreement with Sy that Lady Trag is pretty s-s-s-sick! Her sound and style straddles punk mentality …



DJ Vadim live preview and new mix

Saturday 18th August will be a colossal night at Koko with some of the most renowned hip-hop DJs on the planet. Headlining the night is DJ Vadim; signed to Ninja Tune in ’94 and BBE in 2007 DJ Vadim is worldwide; born in Russia, raised in London and now …



Introducing Our BOTW: Post War Years

Even though the current international political climate means that these are not technically ‘Post War Years’, the band of the same name like to keep it optimistic. Simon, Tom, Fred and Harry have apparently been around since 5th February 1845, making their band 167 years old – about the same …


planet rock

Documentary: Planet Rock and Other Tales of the 808

Coming in 2013 is a new documentary film telling the story of one of the most important technological developments in the history of modern electronic music; the Roland 808 drum machine. Planet Rock and Other Tales of the 808 is brought to viewers by Alex Dunn (You Know) and legendary …