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BOTW Interview: Vondelpark

With their debut album, Seabed, dropping this week through legendary Belgian electronic label R&S, Alex Cull caught up with London three-piece Vondelpark over a particularly crackly phone line for a chat about their roots, the troubled production of the record and their best festival memories.

PlanetNotion: Before you


Paul van Dyk's In Between Tour @ The Powerzone

Review: Amsterdam Dance Event

I love Amsterdam Dance Event. It’s the reason I fell in love with Amsterdam. At its core, a daytime dance music industry conference that sees over 3500 delegates from across the world do business, discuss the hot topics in the scene, catch-up and swap music with each other. At …



Introducing our BOTW: Martyn

Enigmatically categorised artist ‘Martyn’ is subconsciously introducing us to the ‘next thing’ in the world of coining musical genres. His work is unique, immersive, satisfyingly diverse and rhythmically appreciative. The Holland born, now Washington DC-based artist has leapt forward with a clear evolutionary progression throughout each of his works, bettering …



Interview: BOTW Idiot Glee On His Many Roles

Idiot Glee was busy getting ready for his gig at Manchester’s Night and Day Cafe. However, he was still kind enough to take some time to talk Lexington, London, and the things he loves!

Planet Notion: What do you miss most about home when you’re on tour?

Idiot Glee: To …



Interview: Three Trapped Tigers’ Matt Calvert Goes Solo

Three Trapped Tigers are a hard act to follow, and when you’ve spent four years mixing electronic soundscapes of epic proportions, touring countries and being mentioned on every music blog worth their salt, your next course of action isn’t always obvious. But TTT writer and producer Matt Calvert seems to