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Shoot: Curtain Call

Here at Notion we aim to bring you the best. You deserve it. This week, we’ve got a delectable shoot inspired by the theatre.The lights have gone down, and the audience is applauding. Fashion is ready to take to the stage. Do you hear that boys? It’s time for your …



Shoot: Touch of Music

Freedom of expression is a universal human right. These two East London guys, Jerome Thomas, a singer/songwriter, and Chr1s Love, a producer/DJ, have surely utilised this right very effectively! Applying it to their unique music and fashion style, they’ve basically created their own genre, dubbed FOE (Freedom of Expression/Fusion of …



Exclusive: Hype D’s shoot for PlanetNotion

We love all things pretty here at PlanetNotion. So when Hype D shot a stunning photo shoot for us, we were flattered. Based in East London, Hype D recently graduated from London South Bank University with her degree in Digital Photography. Her passion for fashion photography and creating beautiful visuals …