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We Heart: Hattie Stewart

The contemporary illustrator is lucky to be working right now: never has our appetite for original imagery been so great, nor are we so excited by it. Not only will your work be tumbld and pinned widely online, our hunger is sated everywhere IRL on walls and in windows. We


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Shoot: Alter Slut

“I am the hidden son of the Addams Family ” – Achraf Amiri

Young creative minded person who loves to express himself in various artistic ways.

Inspired by the fashion and by the world around him. Amiri interpret always his works with the self-reflection. Going on the macabre to the …



The Adventures of No One: Part 1 (Classic Notion)

So I’m a girl, I study fashion at a leading institute/yawnfest in London, and I’m a complete and utter disappointment to both my parents.  When they first held me in their arms 22 years ago, pink and squealing, they didn’t realise I’d grow up into a screaming brat they’d spend



Interview: Hattie Stewart x The Art of Football

It’s no secret that us folk over at Notion HQ have been swooning over Hattie Stewart’s illustrations for quite some time now. So much so, we got her to apply her tongue-in-cheek doodles to the cover of our Ariana Grande issue. When we were told about her involvement …



LCM AW14 Illustrations: Josh Bristow

With the events from London Collections feeling like a not-so-distant past (and all mushed together into three days of collection hysteria), we thought it would be a good idea to post some artistic renderings of the event. Josh Bristow was the illustrator we asked to expressively interpret what went down



LFW Illustrations #2: Josh Bristow

With the events from London Fashion Week feeling like a distant past and all mushed together into a week of collection hysteria, we thought it would be a good idea to enlist one of our favourite illustrators to provide an original take on some the collections. That incredible illustrator is



Tony Viramontes exhibition announced

A Milanese exhibition showcasing the work of legendary fashion illustrator Tony Viramontes has been announced.

Hosted by LA denim label Citizens of Humanity the event – named Bold, Beautiful and Damned - will display pieces from Viramontes’ monumental portfolio, which touched on everyone from Vogue, Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent …



News: Fashion Illustrator Joseph Larkowsky vs LCM

Anyone feeling London Collections: Men withdrawal symptoms? Well, here’s something to cheer you up! The fantastic Joseph Larkowsky has given us a few illustration gems to share with the world.

His Collection of eight illustrations were created with utilitarianism in mind, and the step of some designers retreating back to …



Micah Lidberg injects fun and colour into Lacoste L!VE for AW12

Lacoste has joined forces with illustrator Micah Lidberg for its upcoming Lacoste L!VE collection, and the result could be qualified as nothing less than a fantastic collaboration of creative minds. Announcing the resurfacing of a major trend for next season with its exciting Micah Lidberg capsule line, Lacoste L!VE has …


SWAROVSKI - Iconic London Artwork lores

Interview: Good Wives and Warriors

Illustrative duo Good Wives and Warriors (known to their Mothers as Becky Bolton and Louise Chappell) are readying themselves to take over Swarovski’s Regent Street window come July 16th. We had a chat to these talented and thoroughly accomplished ladies ahead of their London stint.

Are you looking forward to