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In Focus: Hawes & Curtis

If you’re a young professional, then a good shirt is the mainstay of your wardrobe. Whether you wear it with a jacket and tie, one button undone and the sleeves rolled up or with the eternally-cool ‘air tie’ (for the uninitiated: top button done up, no tie), a good …



In Focus: Cinime – a new approach to the movies?

Do you ever find yourself twiddling your thumbs at the cinema? Watching trailers that you really aren’t into, or stuck in a queue for tickets/popcorn/the toilet? I don’t know about you guys, but this happens to me a lot, and it’s the kind of thing where you’d expect someone to …


Shy-Girls-Timeshare (1)

BOTW in Focus: Shy Girls

Cast your eyes upwards for a second and glance at the artwork for Timeshare: the debut UK EP from Portland’s Shy Girls. On a cursory examination, it’s the stuff of RnB standards; a bathing suit-adorned woman plunging into a decadent bubble bath. Look a little closer though and, …



In Focus: Timed Fitness

It’s fifteen minutes into my first personal training session, and we’re doing squats. A somewhat unpleasant feeling wells up in my gut, my vision goes a bit blurry – I stubbornly decide to press on through it out of classic British stiff upper lip (and fear of embarrassment), until it’s …