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Talent Emerging: Deepa Gurnani

We all (us girls) like a sparkly bit of embellishment at somepoint, so when I discovered accessories label Deepa Gurnani – think statement headbands, earrings and necklaces – I was grateful to see a unique idea come into fruition. The duo behind the label, Deepa and her husband Jay



Levi’s and HolyStoked build India’s first free public skateboard park

In March of this year, Levi’s, German building crew 2er and India’s HolyStoked Collective formed a unique and true collaboration in skateboarding. By collating skaters, journalists, photographers and filmmakers from all around the world, they ascended to Bangalore to build India’s first FREE public skateboard park.

This phenomenal build …



BOTW Interview: Sonnymoon

After doing this Q & A with Sonnymoon, we love Sonnymoon even more. They talk about being Modern Day Musicians, being a girl-boy duo, America’s supposed war on drugs, and what new music they’re into – amongst other subjects. Have a read. They say cool things.

Do you think being