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BOTW Moodboard: Indiana

It’s Friday. It’s been a pleasant week. I think it’s time for third instalment of the BOTW.

This week’s sweet-smelling smorgasbord of inspirations comes courtesy of gloomy pop musician Indiana, who drops her ‘Solo Dancing’ single next week and looks all prepped, nay ready-made for a brilliant (and millions of



BOTW Premiere: Indiana – ‘Solo Dancing’ (KAOS remix)

While the original ‘Solo Dancing’ somehow made bleak Depeche Mode-like synth-pop sound like a viable, fun AND appealing proposition in today’s 90s-obsessed house/garage-centric world, and Joe Goddard’s effervescent 7-minute remix added a) more bass and b) more spontaneity to the song, the even more marvellous KAOS remix is …



Meet the BOTW: Indiana

There’s something inherently sinister about the music of Nottingham singer Indiana. Part of Notion’s Poptimism 2014 picks and current Radio 1 staple, her new single ‘Solo Dancing’, released next week (April 20th), is a creeping, 80s-leaning bijou of a slowburner that offers a refreshing break from the contemporary crop



Fancy Feeling Revellious with Levi’s?

We’re quite aware of how difficult buying denim can be; it’s never the right shape, it pinches where no item of clothing should pinch, or for some reason it just won’t fit in one specific place. Buying denim can be one of the worst shopping experiences. Ever.

But, before you …



Now Hear This: 09/02/14

We’re not really about lists. We like longform interviews and in-depth analysis; wordy think-pieces and lengthy reports. But that’s partly because we’re music-loving writers and there’s nothing we love more than the sound of a keyboard clacking satisfyingly with the sound of our own thoughts. Hey, at least we’re honest.



Notion 066: Now Hear This

In each issue of Notion, we bring you a rundown of the tracks currently titillating our wizened – but certainly never cynical – ears. Here, Dan Carson, Alex Cull and Lauren Down walk us through the tunes that are exciting us to no end.

Wolf Alice – Blush

Cut from …



Introducing: Indiana

Earlier this summer, we here at PlanetNotion found ourselves transfixed by ‘Smoking Gun‘, the most recent single from Nottingham-based vocalist and songwriter, Indiana. Built from the ground up, the track’s spidery guitar lines and static beats were the perfect grounding for the young singer’s meandering, softly spun