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Fiction Piazza websize

New Track: Fiction – “Museum”

London group Fiction mixes some 80s style lyrics and ambiance with Vampire Weekend’s energetic guitar pickings.  The result is halfway between indie rock and pop, and that is a delightful halfway indeed.  With their upcoming album The Big Other due in March, they’ve released their single “Museum”.

While the sound …


An Escape Plan

VIDEO: “Ghosts” by An Escape Plan

Now here’s an upcoming band I’m personally quite interested in. An Escape Plan has an indie rock sound that is reminiscent of Fevers and Mirrors-era Bright Eyes, but they’re hardly definable entirely by who they sound like.  Really, they sound like An Escape Plan.  Their high-energy vocals over upbeat …



Independent Label Market’s Musical Farmers Market

Indie labels are great at finding new, interesting artists but also at making us care enough to buy the music.  Even more impressive is their ability to keep us buying LPs and CDs when the market is pulling more and more toward an internet-exclusive affair.  Independent Label Market is hosting …


Post War Years

Video Premiere: Post War Years – Volcano

There’s no better way to launch an EP than releasing a 360 live ‘sneak peak’ session. Filming on an East London roof top of from the span of sunrise to sunset, Post War Years and Rockfeedback delivered a 4-part series which took us on a journey of the EP. But …



Album Review: School Of Seven Bells – Ghostory

The concept album. It can be so, so great or so terribly, terribly bad. For every Sufjan Stevens there’s Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music to assault your ears. There never seems to be much in between.

Which brings us to School Of Seven Bells and Ghostory, an album which loosely …


The Glasses_001

Introducing: The Glasses

Without trying to sound like a narcissistic youth who “only listens to bands other people haven’t heard of because that’s too mainstream”, discovering a less-known band is something that really appeals to me. I like to see how they develop, how their sound changes and their fan-base grows. It’s a …



Interview: WhoMadeWho

Disco-influenced purveyors of melodramatic indie pop, Danish band WhoMadeWho is a little hard to pin down.  One thing is sure, though: they’re hugely creative, and they’ve got a rightly dedicated fan base.  I guess that was two things, but that’s not important.  What’s important is that Jordan Bassett, of Planet