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In Focus: Rory Attwell (Warm Brains)

Rory Attwell has been known as somewhat of a project polygamist when it comes to releasing music. Since the disbanding of Test Icicles in 2006, Raary Decihells moved on to form RAT:ATT:AGG and KASMs, before landing at Warm Brains. Not to mention a discography of production credit with bands that …



Moodboard: The Naked And Famous

This New Zealand quintet have been dousing our speakers with synth-fuelled pop since their debut record back in 2010, Passive Me, Aggressive You. Since then, there has been a whole lot of touring and a (more than) worthy follow-up record. They’ve got that big synths meets bright vocals combination down



Moodboard: Petite Meller

Born and raised in Paris, Petite Meller writes obscure, visceral pop to perfectly accompany a French daydream. You know, the one where you are taking a seaside stroll with Brigitte Bardot? Or maybe that is just me? Anyway, with the follow-up to ‘NYC Time’, the Parisienne recruits the same directorial



My favourite songs: Shakka

We tap into Shakka’s sentimental side and ask him to list eight songs that mean the most to him, or have inspired his career thus far. Difficult task given all the amazing music in the world, but he did a stellar job. Have a look at his selection below…



Dan Bodan press shot

My Moodboard: Dan Bodan

Dan Bodan is a new pop artist who writes rose-tinted electronic-instrumented songs of lost romance. We love his new loungey-paced track ‘DP’, the video to which you can watch here. To get to know Mr. Bodan a little better, we set him the task of creating one of our