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BOTW Playlist: Wild Nothing

With his latest EP, Empty Estate, Wild Nothing‘s Jack Tatum has left behind the more despondent virtues espoused by his first two full-lengths, 2010′s Gemini and last year’s follow-up, Nocturne. Instead, he’s produced a riveting suite comprised of buoyant new wave, motorik post-punk and dabbles in carefully



BOTW Review: Wild Nothing – Empty Estate

Empty Estate seems to herald a new age for Wild Nothing. After producing two shoegaze, dream pop albums, Virginia’s Jack Tatum has got his head out of the clouds and is back with his most adventurous record yet.

What’s more, Empty Estate is fun – a word Wild Nothing …



BOTW Interview: Wild Nothing

Virginian native and indie-pop wunderkind Jack Tatum – aka Wild Nothing – has certainly let himself float stylistically adrift on his latest EP, Empty Estate. What it’s allowed for, though, is a record unafraid to experiment with form and function; one that moves in ways that would have been



BOTW Video: Wild Nothing – ‘A Dancing Shell’

As a visual metaphor for Wild Nothing‘s musical journey so far, the video for Empty Estate high point ‘A Dancing Shell‘ is unparalleled. It starts out, by and large, in black and white, casting hypnotic shapes at the viewer – just remind yourself of how enchanting and …



Introducing our BOTW: Wild Nothing

Born out of a sense of ennui with the songs he’d been touring from his first two full-lengths – 2010′s Gemini and last year’s Nocturne – indie wunderkind Jack Tatum, aka Wild Nothing, has returned with an EP unafraid to cast away the stylistic shackles he’s often been assigned. …



Album Review: Wild Nothing – Nocturne

American dream-pop act Wild Nothing, AKA Jack Tatum, made one of the most acclaimed records of 2010 in Gemini, a fantastic work of summery surf-pop. So this sophomore effort, Nocturne, proves something of a disappointment. Yes, it’s decent enough, but it’s far too similar a record to its …