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The 90s are dead: long live the 70s!

Trade your beanies for fedoras, your cornrows for long, loose pigtails and your Air Maxes for cowboy boots, because S/S 15 delivers us the death of all things 90s and the beautiful, unexpected rebirth of the 70s. We’re still wearing fur jackets (because this is England), only now they’re shaggier …



BOTW Moodboard: Ariana and the Rose

Earlier this week when we first introduced you to our BOTW, New York’s Ariana & the Rose, we told you about how the vixen-voiced Ariana DiLorenzo was a lady of many talents; be that acting, fashion or, obviously, music. Perhaps it should come as no surprise then that Ariana’s



Album Review: Lou Doillon – Places

French singer-songwriter Lou Doillon is the daughter of British singer Jane Birkin, having won the genetic lottery (that jaw line…wow), it seems Doillon has now decided to turn her hand to music. Already a model for the likes of Givenchy and GAP – and an accomplished actress – let’s …



Video: Lou Doillon – ‘ICU’

The daughter of Jane Birkin and the half-sister of Charlotte Gainsbourg, it’s safe to say that 30 year-old model and singer Lou Doillon has some very big familial shoes to fill. Keep your eyes on her, though – if her family are anything to go by, she’s bound to be …



‘Histoire De Melody Nelson’s’ Historic Remastering

Histoire De Melody Nelson, that wonderful concept album of Serge Gainsbourg’s, is being released in fancy new Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions, with previously unreleased material. How very exciting. The album, a beautiful piece of orchestral pop, was created as an adult fable and had originally been released in …