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Newcastle – the real Geordie Shore

Newcastle. The UK’s mecca to kebabs, heels and jaeger-bombs. Or so I thought. A vodka fuelled machine of ‘rickys’ ‘vickys’ and ‘worldies’. Or so I thought. There’s a whole different side to Newcastle; and there isn’t a low v-neck t-shirt in sight…

Behind MTV’s ‘Geordie shore’ cliché ridden main streets …



Glasgow Night Life: Rubix

There’s something going on up north, and you all need to know about it. No, not Manchester, not even Newcastle –it’s Glasgow.

The biggest city in Scotland is rapidly becoming the number one destination to fulfil your underground electronic music needs. Gone are the preconceptions of deep fried food and …


amy holford

Beyond Northern Rock: The North-East Music Scene

The pull of your hometown is magnetic and inescapable.  Your memories and beliefs and thoughts are inexorably related to where you came from, and you can’t help but feel a certain partisan pride for the place and its people. As a northern boy, my pride extends to a true passion …