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Justin Bieber and the Boy Wonder Tragedy

The term “tragedy” is so over and incorrectly used by red top tabloids that we may not be aware of the fact that we are currently baring witness to an actual tragedy, a pop music tragedy, playing out before our very eyes right now.

The tragic hero? Justin Bieber.

His …



Introducing: Tori Kelly

At just 20 years of age, it already feel as though Tori Kelly has done, well, just about everything. The wavy-haired Californian songstress has won America’s Most Talented Kids, amassed a loyal following of over 650, 000 subscribers to the YouTube channel where she posts both acoustic originals and loveable



The Original Penguin Plugged In Sessions Interview: Benga

A few Thursdays ago we had the absolute pleasure of witnessing an up-close-and-personal performance from dubstep icon Benga for an Original Penguin’s Plugged In session. You can check out footage of the event for yourself below:

If that wasn’t enough to quench your musical thirst, Mr nice guy of the



2012: The Year Of The Teen Pop Idol

Yes, it’s that time of year again: here comes another retrospective in which the last twelve months is dissected and analysed until the desperate journalist attempts to contextualise some aspect of the past year via a process of extrapolation that may lead to the identification of a trend. In all …



Pop Musik #4

This week, Jack Murphy fills us in on all the goss from the Hackney Weekender (we were too busy watching the football to pay attention to pop’s goings on, sadly). And he resolves questions unanswered from previous Pop Musiks. Will Maroon 5 ever get their comeuppance on that random group



Interview: Bonjay Discuss The Creative Process Behind Their Music

Meet Ian and Allana, who together form the exciting group Bonjay. Their name being derived from Grenadian patois, meaning ‘Good Lord!”, it’s no surprise that the duo are working up a storm worldwide. Their latest single ‘Stumble’ is the first of many more to come, as we talk about their