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Fave Fives: Menswear season essentials

London Collections: Men has come to a glorious end and this edition of Fave Fives is all about essentials during menswear season – whether you’re rushing around, being driven to the shows and parties or in fact have absolutely nothing to do with fashion and just lead a busy life.…



Kenzo Beach Party at I Cinque Fiori – Bari, Puglia, Italy

What do you get when you mix a cutting edge brand that’s stood the test of time with an innovative Italian fashion emporium set in the heart of Puglia? One hell of an amazing celebration of the art of fashion… Kenzo was the designer and I Cinque Fiori the host.…



Fave Fives – Spring Edition

I could blame the late coming of spring for the long absence of Fave Fives but I won’t, it’s a bit of a long story. All that matters is I’m back now. This edition is a mixed bag as usual and includes; legendary fashion designer Michiko Koshino, Azzurra Gronchi and …



Fave Fives of the Week: Christmas Edition

Ho Ho Ho everyone! My recent travels and discoveries have filled me with so much Christmas cheer! This Fave Fives brings you more inspiration that will make you feel and look good for the holidays and beyond. This edition features 10×10 An Italian Theory by Alessandro Enriquez, the Leitmotiv/I Cinque …



Fave Fives Interview: Kris Ruhs

It was a day in Milan that reminded me of home, the weather was beyond awful. The city was being bombarded by torrential rain. I was scheduled to interview the enigmatic artist Kris Ruhs at his studios, then journey to the airport and fly home to London with only a …



Faves Fives Birthday edition – Part II

I know, I know it’s been a little while since Part I, this is due to continuous celebrations including my birthday. As always so much as happened since the last edition. Am still absorbing my ‘Oprah’ moment – 63million+ views last time I checked!

This edition features the outstanding Campioni …


Karma Style

Fave Fives:1st Birthday Edition – Part 1

Celebrate good times come on!! And we’ll be celebrating over the next two editions.

The Fave Fives was the idea of my editor Seb Law. Who brought it to me this time last year, and by end May Fave Fives #1 was published. Nearly one year on, awww our baby …



The ‘W’ Factor: Corrie Nielson

This is first of SS12 London Fashion Week (LFW) series of the ‘W’ factor. Where contestants, oops I mean designers I critiqued on the wearability of their designs.

Up first is Corrie Nielsen

When her models initially came out I thought nothing too outrageous.  A couple of pieces were …


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Fave Fives of the Week #1

Hello, hello and welcome to my weekly column where I’ll share my favourite things (just like Oprah). My Fave Five will include; beauty, art, people, music and fashion. In my line of work as a fashion stylist I come across all manners of creative things here in London (and worldwide). …