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Notion 065: Now Hear This

In each issue of Notion, we bring you a rundown of the tracks currently titillating our wizened – but certainly never cynical – ears. Here, Dan Carson, Alex Cull and Lauren Down walk us through the tunes that are exciting us to no end.

Akiine – ‘Sunglassey’

Brought up within …



New Track: Keep Shelly in Athens – ‘Fly Away’

‘Flyaway’ is the latest single from Keep Shelly In Athens, and is lifted from their forthcoming debut album, At Home. Sarah P’s vocals remain subtle and delicate, as the track gradually layers up, incorporating more and more electronic beats. The synth murmurs and fast kick beats all juxtapose …



New Track: Keep Shelly in Athens – ‘Oostende’

Last month we raved wholeheartedly about, ‘Recollection‘, the first single from Keep Shelly in Athens‘ forthcoming Cascine debut, At Home. Well, now the downtempo Greek duo are back with ‘Oostende’: another slice of lofty dream pop with its head very much in the clouds.

Taking its …


Keep Shelly In Athens

New Track: Keep Shelly in Athens – ‘Recollection’

The first proper single from their upcoming debut on Cascine, At Home, Keep Shelly in Athens have given us the sun-kissed ‘Recollection’. Rolling electric beats lay the foundations for gentle keys and vocals that are full of vitality. Reminiscent of hazy and ice-cream tinged urban summers, ‘Recollection’ walks the …


camden crawl

Camden Crawl Special: Keep Shelly In Athens Mixtape

ALERT! ALERT! It’s Camden Crawl this weekend and that means people other than tourists, goths, greebos and punks will be making the annual pilgrimage to the main strip of the most musical district of North London to watch bands play in overcrowded venues. YAY. (I’m going and it should be …


mmoths ep

BOTW Review: Mmoths – Mmoths EP

Like magic on a weary brain the songs from Mmoths’ debut EP have me dizzy in love with the sound. Its atmospheric background, soft dreamy vocals and halting rhythm remind me of my other musical love: BlackbirdBlackbird.

Jack Colleran, AKA Mmoths, is a young Irish producer from Newbridge Ireland.  …



BOTW Interview: Mmoths

We talked to Jack Colleran, AKA Mmoths, AKA Planet Notion’s BOTW, about the Irish music scene, his Valentine’s Day and how he got signed to SQE.

There’s not a lot we know about you at the moment, apart from you’re called Jack Colleran and you’re from Ireland. Tell us