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Commander Jacket 007

Preview: Barbour AW13 (‘Department B’)

Barbour have tantelised us with a preview of their AW13 collection,which concentrates on bespoke design and individuality.


Carrying the name ‘Department B’, the collection takes inspiration from the special customisation room of the original Barbour factory in South Shields, a department that took requests from individual customers to refine …


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Fred Perry hit up the 60s for inspiration

This AW13 collection has seen the Fred Perry design team go back to the brands heritage and history, to take a nostalgic look at iconic British youth styling.

The heart of the collection centers itself around The Twisted Wheel, famed by the Northern Soul music and dance movement that emerged …



Interview: Lora Gene

It’s the middle of our week featuring new designers across a variety of different creative outlets. Wednesday brings us to Lora Gene, the brainchild of Lora Nikolaev; a brand that focuses on women age 25-45 who use their ‘style genes’ to express their personality through the innovative way they


LFW: Leutton Postle

LFW Interview: Leutton Postle

Subversive knitwear duo Jenny and Sam aka Leutton Postle this season looked deep into the dusty Sahara in their patchwork, mismatched AW collection. The beautifully soft, neutral palate juxtaposed the aggressive tribal beats and yelps played over the catwalk, making for quite an arresting show, aurally at least. Ladylike separates,


LFW Interview: James Long

LFW Interview: James Long

Well what more can we actually say about the James Long show, other than we ABSOLUTELY LOVED it. A super duper amazing extravaganza of the most glamourous winter attire you ever dreamt of. As the epitome of luxury, only the best fabrics graced the collection: the chunkiest, cosiest of knitwear



LFW: Mark Fast

Rumours fluttered around the courtyard queues on entry to Mark Fast and it wasn’t long before the press lounge was hyped on the unconfirmed, Kanyay FROW hysteria. We can confirm, he was there, sitting pretty, alongside pop-starlet (and one-time, Notion cover girl) Nicola Roberts, in all his Fast-fan, fashion. We


Sibling 8ed

LFW Interview: Sister by SIBLING

Sister By SIBLING looked East for their AW12 collection in the form of their ultimate matriarch, barmaid Diamond Lil; leopard clad and sequined to the nines she’ll plant a rouged smacker on one cheek and slap you round the other if you dare give her any lip. Neon orange, magenta



LFW Interview: Alice Lee

Drawing inspiration from sources as dark and romantic as Dante, Rackham and Aubrey Beardsly, the beauty of Alice Lee’s AW12 offering was in the seemingly effortless, minimal aesthetic. Sculptured knits in the most feminine of silhouettes were strutted down the runway, but what really gave each piece their dark and


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LFW: Jayne Pierson and Derek Lawlor – Interview

Fusing the marvellous minds of Jayne Pierson and long-term friend Derek Lawlor to create a conceptual knitwear collection is nothing short of spectacular. But their collaborations for SS12 didn’t stop there. Pierson and Lawlor even got the Royal Ballet involved to bring their first Pierson Lawlor line to life by



LFW: Pringle – Show Report

It seems relevant, somehow, that Pringle, unlike its headscarf-wearing competitor Burberry, is not an English label. Instead of either wallowing in anodyne, unthinking rehashes of its classics or totally abandoning its history, here was an intelligent, subtle collection produced of a house mindful of its roots without being suffocated by …