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News: River Island collaborates with Eudon Choi

River Island‘s Design Forum initiative has already seen William Tempest, Georgia Hardinge, and most recently T.Lipop produce one-off collections for them, but this time around RI have taken young Korean-born designer Eudon Choi under their wing. The former senior designer at AllSaints and Twenty8Twelve has created an …


lcmdf interview 2

BOTW Interview: LCMDF – Part Two

New Music Ed (Bronya) talked to LCMDF about Berlin, setting up their own label, the cyber world, self-help, and K-pop.

What inspires you lyrically apart from other music?
I’ve been reading a lot of self-help books and I’ve been to this life coaching experience, and Mental Health is about a …



KPOP #2: All About Eve…

 Welcome to the month of June, where in Kpop Land the women rule, conquering audiences with slinky outfits instead of iron fists. This month in Kpop ladies were supreme: flash mob ladies, electric ladies, and gun-toting bank-robbing ladies. First up for review is Dalshabet’s new release ‘Mr. Bang Bang’ – …