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Guest Playlist: Paskal & Urban Absolutes

On first listening to Paskal & Urban Absolutes‘ debut collaborative album Lux, it can be hard to imagine why the production duo – based in Berlin and Düsseldorf respectively – would choose to name the record after the Latin word for light. After all, the pair’s compositions, while …



Introducing: Armeria

Listening back to Armeria‘s official debut single, ‘Not the Same’/’Everyday’, it’s hard not to get swept in the dancefloor romance cultivated by the frighteningly young Leeds producer. The man behind the alias, 19-year-old Jake Norman, spins sparkling slabs of resplendent modern house; tracks full of a wide-eyed optimism that



Lee Nelson Provides The Giggles At Big Chill 2011

Already on track to being considered one of the best festivals this year, The Big Chill can now add comedian Lee Nelson to the line-up. With the current success of Nelson’s Well Good Show on BBC Three, he’s more than ready to face the challenge of entertaining thousands at The …