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Nerina Photo Shoot_13

Interview: Nerina Pallot

Nerina Pallot has been in the business for over ten years. Over that time she has released four studio albums, been on countless tours and written for numerous people including X Factor alumni, Diana Vickers, and the queen of glitter and sparkles, Kylie Mingoue. Throughout this time things haven’t always



BOTW Review: Feathers – If All Now Here

Feathers had the ultimate home ground advantage when playing SXSW this year. Not only were they on their own turf of Austin, Texas, they were also playing as support to Depeche Mode – a band that their own synth pop sound is heavily indebted to. One can only assume it …



BOTW Review: Gypsy & the Cat – The Late Blue

The last few years seem to have churned out a lot of forgettable “and the” named bands who nearly made it, but didn’t quite. Luckily for Melbourne-based duo Gypsy & the Cat, their sophomore album, The Late Blue, shows that they deserve to join my list of actually …



Introducing our BOTW: Gypsy & the Cat

If you’ve ever wondered what would be the outcome of two Aussie DJs getting together and forming a space-rock band, we might just have the answer for you in Melbourne’s Gypsy & the Cat. The Victorian duo – comprised of Xavier Bacash and Lionel Towers – first came to …



BOTW Review: Young Galaxy – Ultramarine

Listening back-to-back to the two albums that bookend the career to date of Canada’s Young Galaxy – their self-titled 2007 debut, and this year’s Ultramarine, their fourth full-length – feels like being in the presence of two entirely separate musical entities. However, while the spacey indie-pop of the …


queen of hearts

Introducing: Queen of Hearts

The new bloggers’ favourite goes by the name of Queen of Hearts. She doesn’t appear to have a bulbous head just yet, although she may as well with her current level of success. The electro-pop princess fuses delicate vocals with heavily produced electronic beats that get your heart racing.

An …