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Introducing: Porter Robinson

As it stands the EDM scene is stagnated and nationalised, or so says 21-year-old American musician Porter Robinson. After enjoying success as a producer and DJ with his more commercial ‘Spitfire EP’, working with Skrillex and Tiesto, and making remixes for Lady Gaga, Porter has turned his back on


Lady Gaga Seashell Bikini

Behind The Aura: The Risky Business of Lady Gaga

Why did the world come to a shuddering halt a couple of weeks ago to watch and condemn Lady Gaga having paint spit up on her? Why wasn’t anyone more dazzled by her human BBQ rotisserie opening number? That shit was cool.

Lady Gaga’s SXSW show was hardly the first …



Meet our BOTW: Ariana and the Rose

New York’s Ariana DiLorenzo is a women of many, many talents. From acting onstage in experimental theatre troupes and onscreen with a cameo in The Sopranos to popping up in Paul McCartney videos and partying with Lady Gaga, and all the while making amazing pop records with Ariana and the



Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP (Through the Many Minds of Gaga)

In case you were wondering, Lady Gaga has a new album out called ARTPOP and it is, well, incomprehensible. It’s an album more outrageous than Gaga herself and more sexually overt than Hugh Hefner’s 80th Birthday party (we didn’t think that was possible either).

So, to try and fully understand



Notion 066 Feature: ARTPOP As Pop Art

Lady Gaga makes her connection to pop art explicit with the incredible Jeff Koons cover of ARTPOP.

“One second I’m a Koons then suddenly the Koons is me.” Lady Gaga, ‘Applause‘.

In the late 50s American artists began capitalizing on their own culture (something British artists had …



Pop Girls Takeover Interview: Max Marshall

One part aspiring fashion designer, one part rapturously received pop vocalist; to say that London-via-Baltimore’s Max Marshall is perfect for Notion would be an understatement. She oozes style and has sublime tunes to boot. In the latest instalment of our Pop Girls Takeover Week, below you can read the full



Introducing: Max Marshall

At just 21 years-old Max Marshall has already established a successful career in fashion. When she isn’t creating 1940s-inspired bespoke clothing, making wigs for Lady Gaga or working for French designer Charlie Le Mindu, Marshall turns to her other passion, music.

Writing music since 14, the Baltimore-born-London-based multi-instrumentalist has …



Ravensbourne University Graduate Show 2013

Whenever attending a graduate show I can’t help but be slightly apprehensive about what will be on offer for the next 30 minutes. Ravensbourne completely knocked this prejudice down and blew me away with the collections they showed. When you can remain excited for the entire duration of a graduate …



Introducing our BOTW: oOoOO

While Without Your Love, the debut full-length from San Francisco’s Christopher Dexter Greenspan under the alias of oOoOO, may not feel a million miles away from the witch house movement that initially brought the producer to wider attention in 2009/10, it certainly feels like a step in a …



Interview: Rick Genest

 You’re probably already familiar with Rick Genest (<insert ‘AKA Zombie Boy’ here>). With an unforgettable look and enviable contacts, Rick is on his way to becoming a bona fide pop culture icon, not only for the fashion industry but for early 21st Century culture in general. Anyway, let’s not get