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Meet our BOTW: Mas Ysa

At the heart of Thomas Arsenault’s music as Mas Ysa – which we can only assume is a play on Mazzy Star – and behind its layers of rustling synths and serenely intoxicating textures lies a songwriter’s heart, in the truest, folksiest sense of the word. Whether the 30-year-old, Woodstock-based



Album Review: Laurel Halo – Chance of Rain

It’s been a crazy-good year for Kode9’s Hyperdub label. First the Ikonika album, then Jessy Lanza’s, DJ Rashad’s, and now Laurel Halo comes up with a fantastic record too. Inside, Chance of Rain basically sees the constantly shape-shifting Michigan musician mould a carefully constructed hodgepodge of what she’s dabbled in …



BOTW Playlist: Shine 2009

Rounding out our week spent celebrating the return of Helsinki’s Shine 2009 and their fantastic sophomore album, Our Nation, we asked the duo to put together a playlist of ten tracks that have shaped them as musicians. The album itself, which drops October 14 via Modular and Cascine,



News: Laurel Halo set to drop new album ‘Chance of Rain’

Electronic artist Laurel Halo is set to release her new LP, ‘Chance of Rain’, next month. The album follows her previous two critically acclaimed EPs, ‘Behind the Green Door’ and ‘Sunlight on the Faded’. Differing from her previous work, ‘Chance of Rain’ will explore the intersection between rhythmic and …



TGIF Mixtape #5

It’s Friday so it must be time for a mixtape of brilliant music that we’ve found on t’internet this week. And what a week it’s been! Good ol’ Bronya has put this mix together of the things that’ve been non-stop on the stereo this week, including KOF, Ginuwine, a new …


LHalo_A20340BW credit Tim Saccenti

N57 Test Driving: Laurel Halo – Quarantine

As Ina Cube (alias Laurel Halo) moves labels from Hippos In Tanks to Hyperdub, her compositions move from instinctively beat-led tunes to experimental melodies and sinuous rhythms. Through her first full-length release Quarantine, the listener is lead through aquatic beats into bleak underwater caverns echoing with bubbling synth.

Certain …



Live! Laurel Halo at Shacklewell Arm

Following on from the Ford & Lopatin gig a few weeks ago at new hipster hangout the Shacklewell Arm, it appears the Dalston heaven is at it again. They are again importing from the Americas to bring you Laurel Halo. Laurel brings her flowery, floating electronica to London for …