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BEAUTIFY: A new kind of Pastel Locks

Pastel hair, pastel clothes, pastel nails… It seems over the past few seasons we’re happy to take up just about anything that lets us pay year-round homage to Easter and crayons.

Pastel hair took off on tumblr a couple of years back when people realised they could make just about …



BEAUTIFY: Relax, DO do it

That’s right- you’ve got to relax. Whether your work life causes you stress, your relationship… or your just experiencing an alcohol induced anxiety attach: you have to unwind. Take time for yourself, breathe properly and get back to the real you.

The best place to do this? In a bath …



BEAUTIFY: Take Time with Dr Hauschka

So many Doctors, not enough time!

Here at Notion HQ we’re long time fans of everything Dr Hauschka. From his famous miracle Rose day cream to the Lip Care Stick (the only one that manages to sooth our chapped lips) this doctor can do no harm. The new Take Time