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Meet our BOTW: East India Youth

Since coming out of the shadows of widely-tipped indie pop four-piece Doyle & the Fourfathers back in 2012, William Doyle – aka East India Youth – has been on a voyage of sonic rediscovery. Immersing himself in an entirely new creative process under the moniker, the Bournemouth-via-London producer and vocalist



EP Review: Joe Goddard – ‘Taking Over’

Joe Goddard is a wizard. Well, he’s not, he’s just a music producer, but in my eyes he’s a wizard. His new EP Taking Over is a wondrous mix of piano-driven house and just damn good dance music. The former Hot Chipper is known for his uplifting and upbeat …



Moodboard: Monarchy

Ahead of the release of their new single ‘Disintegration‘ on March 11, – which features a guest spot from none other than Dita von Teese – we caught up with London electronic duo Monarchy for a run-down of the movies, books, and songs (and pretty much anything else) …



LFF Review: Simon Killer

Antonio Campos’ second film, Simon Killer, is a electric examination of insanity – or at least peripheral insanity of an apparently sane man. Something like that, anyway. Simon, a recent college graduate specialising in the link between the eye and the brain (this is mentioned a lot), flees to Paris …



Preview: LCD Soundsystem at Fabric

Following the unbridled success of this year’s LCD Soundsystem documentary, the brilliantly titled Shut Up and Play the Hits, Fabric London are hosting a one-off – and world first – showing of Murphy’s final live performance at Madison Square Garden on April 2, 2011. That’s right, it’s the show …



Get LCD’s Shut Up & Play the Hits before anyone else

Are you an LCD Soundsytem fan? Can’t wait to see Shut Up and Play the Hits? Want to get your dirty mits on it before anyone else?

Shut Up and Play the Hits isn’t just a concert recording, it is an intimate portrait of the band’s frontman and founder James …



My Moodboard: Barbarossa

He is our BOTW and we’ve already introduced you to some of his tracks – including the very amazing Battles, which we featured yesterday as our BOTW Download. He’s made us dream and rave about him on end with his immersive style and groove. Now, the incredibly talented London-based



MATTHEW DEAR announces European Tour! YEAH

Matthew Dear is darling with his vibey, percussionist, mysterious sound mixes, creating a thick textural masterpiece of finger tapping tunes. His ‘Headcage’ EP features mildly distorted, hazy, enchanting vocals, with a full buoyant backing beat, electro tribal sounds and note slashes of electronic lightening. Oh to see this live…Oh but …



The Jingles To Our Christmas

Crap Christmas songs nearly always clog up the charts this time of year – Justin Bieber‘s ‘Under The Mistletoe’ anyone? But we at Planet Notion are trying to break down this paradigm with some festive enchantment that’ll make you want to hang stockings over a toasty open fire every night …


new build

Download: New Build – ‘Finding Reasons’

Now we all love a super group, right? Well boy oh boy today’s free download is a luscious treat that comes in the form of New Build, who you may also known as Al Doyle, Felix Martin – of Hot Chip – and Tom Hopkins – of LCD Soundsystem fame.…