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News: Tom Ford Men’s Sneakers

One day, while I was walking home from a night out, a very drunk woman approached me and sprayed something in my face. As she howled with laughter and started off in the opposite direction, she shouted, “It’s Tom Ford, darling. Loves it!” From that moment on that has been …



That’s Some Nice Leather: Baracuta’s Harrington G9 Jacket

I know nice leather when I see it. I spent some time out West this summer (West, meaning the West coast of America), riding on some ponies, hanging out in saloons, knife fights, you know the usual cow folk deal. So yeah, I know some good ol’ leather when I …



Got the Time? STORM London Does

You’ll never miss the last tube or another meeting, once you check out STORM London’s new styles on some classic time pieces. Styles such as the Omari and the Dualon Rose Gold are set to perfection. Ever happen to be under water for a prolonged amount of time? Have no …



Mind the Bump n’ Grind of Life with the Bumper Boot

Mind the bumps in life, with Universal Works new Bumper Boot. Bumper Boot is the first in a series of shoes based around the desert boot style. Produced by a small family company of highly skilled craftsmen in the traditional shoe making area of Porto, Northern Portugal. Bumper Boot is …


Lorna wearing karen millen 2

Trending: Grunge

Did you go through a grunge phase? I did, when I was about fourteen and I’m quite happy that there is no photographic evidence of this. I dyed my hair (and the entire bathroom) pink, I wore 16-hole Dr. Martens and I was a barrel of laughs. Or not. As



Lacoste launch their new range of footwear

When it comes to footwear, it is a human right to have good fitting, durable and stylish shoes. The new Lacoste Esential Design (L.E.D) encompasses all of this, plus a tactile mix of materials including soft leathers, plush suedes and hand-stictched details. The new range includes a luxurious use of …


Jacob Birge Vision Resort 2014 Editorial (4)

Talent Emerging: Jacob Birge

Jacob Birge, at the helm of his pioneering womenswear label, Jacob Birge Vision, is hell bent on creating a functioning wardrobe for the modern human. Interesting enough? We think so, which is why PlanetNotion caught up with Jacob to find out just how technology and multi-media platforms have dominated


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Genetic Denim to land in the UK

L.A denim label, Genetic, are setting their sights on our side of the pond with their upcoming AW13 range. Genetic Denim are a favorite amongst the red carpet regulars in the USA, and are now keen to break our fabulous fashion industry over in the UK. Set up in …


City Wings_4506

PONY re-introduce the City Wing

PONY’s legendary City Wings are back! What more can we say? The classic model is set to return to stores August 1st. Their AW13 collection sees the timeless PONY City Wing return, as the authentic brand reignites the authentic colour combos of red-black-white, red-white and grey-white. All …


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News: A.Sauvage launches first small leather goods

Renowned for its understated luxury, British fashion house A.Sauvage has recently launched its first collection of small leather goods. The range encompasses two styles of card holder and a wallet, with all pieces being fully lined and constructed from the finest materials. The skilful employment of Pescada fish leather making …