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New Track: Let’s Buy Happiness – Run

Let’s Buy Happiness, one of the most meticulous and fastidious new acts around, have released their gorgeous new track Run.

Ruminating and brooding, Run is a glimpse into Let’s Buy Happiness’ desperately awaited debut album Chants For Friends. The Newcastle quintet have slowly perfected their sound and artistic …



Beyond Northern Rock #2: And Rainfall

The Northern British Summertime has begun in earnest, initiated by black skies split by lightning, lashing rain and a thunderstorm of biblical proportions. Our gardens were flooded, the roads were gridlocked, and the horizon remains oppressively ominous. Though the Wimbledon tennis rages against the dying golden light and the white …



NExEA – Charity Compilation CD Out Now

NExEA is the ingenious compilation of the best of the best from the ever-growing North East’s music scene, be it already established acts to fresh up-and-coming talent; proceeds from every purchase will go to the Disaster Emergency Committee’s East Africa Crisis Appeal.

The full tracklist includes songs from Young Liar



Single Review: Let’s Buy Happiness – Dirty Lakes

There really is no shortage of musical talent in the North-East/Newcastle region of the UK. In fact, it seems to be the place for up-and-coming, dare I say wrongly underestimated bands that have been popping up all over the place and stealing hearts throughout the country. Maybe it’s something in …