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Shoot: Blackboard Jungle

When you were at school were you the naughty one? Were you part of the group that would play pranks, crack jokes and generally lark about? Our latest shoot by Ben Breading explores these themes while paying homage to the iconic motion picture, Blackboard Jungle. Often cited as a …



Shoot: Touch of Music

Freedom of expression is a universal human right. These two East London guys, Jerome Thomas, a singer/songwriter, and Chr1s Love, a producer/DJ, have surely utilised this right very effectively! Applying it to their unique music and fashion style, they’ve basically created their own genre, dubbed FOE (Freedom of Expression/Fusion of …



Fancy Feeling Revellious with Levi’s?

We’re quite aware of how difficult buying denim can be; it’s never the right shape, it pinches where no item of clothing should pinch, or for some reason it just won’t fit in one specific place. Buying denim can be one of the worst shopping experiences. Ever.

But, before you …



News: Levi’s Commuter Collection

Now that the tube strike has been called off (either luckily or unluckily, depending on how you look at it), it’s time to get back to what’s actually important about your commute: Clothes. Well, fear not dear commuters, Levi’s have thought of you dearly during this trying time of tube …



Shoot: Samantha Sharp

Winter has drawn in, but that’s no reason to dress all dull. Stylist Beth Rivett and photographer Ronan Gallagher present their vision of a minimal, sharp Winter wardrobe – blending glamorous, luxe tailoring with stark shapes, it’s all about the Samantha Sharp look for AW13.

Shirt, Vivetta; Slip skirt, I.D.



Stories from Levi’s Modern Frontier

The other week, we headed over the the Oval Space in London’s Bethnal Green for an event with a difference: Levi’s global #makeourmark campaign was celebrating its London leg with an enormous event, with some of Britain’s most talented artists, namely Koreless, Ghostpoet and Alex Turvey. We previewed …


Levi's Modern Frontier - September 2013 - Photographed by Tom Bunning for Levi's UK

Take a Journey to the Modern Frontier

An enigmatic and exciting prospect looms on the horizon, inspired by their groundbreaking Station to Station project in the US and born in the melded minds of three of the country’s best creatives: Levi’s have laid down the challenge for them to take us on A Journey to the Modern



Levi’s Commuter open bike repair shop

Levi’s have brought back their hugely successful bike repair shop, offering free basic bike servicing and advice to all cyclists.

Located at London’s Golden Square (Soho), the temporary pop-up shop will promote the Levi’s Commuter series. A collection designed by cyclists for cyclists, Levi’s Commuter seamlessly blends urban functionality and …



Levi’s and HolyStoked build India’s first free public skateboard park

In March of this year, Levi’s, German building crew 2er and India’s HolyStoked Collective formed a unique and true collaboration in skateboarding. By collating skaters, journalists, photographers and filmmakers from all around the world, they ascended to Bangalore to build India’s first FREE public skateboard park.

This phenomenal build …



News: Levi’s release limited edition book

In celebration of the iconic brand’s 140th anniversary — who stepped into the limelight with their trademark blue Levi 501 jean all the way back in 1873 — Levi’s have unveiled a limited edition book making tribute to fans, fashionistas, entertainers and anyone finding their own way to stand out …